New technologies like 5G will transform gaming

New technologies like 5G will transform gaming

Gaming is a technology-driven sector, and the new tech that is just around the corner promises to revolutionize the field, massively boosting the number of gamers worldwide as well as providing new opportunities, new business models, and greater choice and flexibility for players. The technology likely to have the biggest impact is 5G, which will provide much faster wireless broadband connections for our phones and other mobile devices. But 5G will also enable other tech, such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to achieve their full potential in the gaming environment.

Improved mobile gaming

5G phone networks will massively improve the quality of the games that we can enjoy on our phones. That means faster sports betting, and also that premium level games, including complex multiplayer role-playing games and fast-paced action adventures, will be just as good as their PC or console-based counterparts when streamed on your phone, if not better. A better-quality connection will immediately allow for better graphics, sound and playability when streaming games to your phone, while the process of downloading content will also be much faster.

Overcoming latency issues

One of the big issues with streamed games using a 2, 3 or even a 4G network is latency. Whether you’re playing a shoot ‘em up or placing a bet at an online casino, a split-second delay caused by a slow connection can potentially ruin your game. That’s why many prefer to play simpler, casual games on their phone or to play casino games using the best NJ gambling app. With 5G, however, this should no longer be a problem, as large amounts of data will be transmitted reliably and instantly from your device to the remote server.

Working with other technology

This ability to handle much larger data packages is what will allow 5G to enable AI and AR within games, and eventually VR as well. Artificial intelligence should be able to process the data received to create tailored and customized game experiences based on your actions and preferences. Mobile augmented reality games like Pokémon Go have already proven massively popular worldwide, but 5G technology will massively increase the possibilities of these kinds of games, where real-world interactions combine with the gaming environment to stunning effect.

5G should also allow for a fully immersive, wireless virtual reality experience, by removing the need to be physically plugged in. Data can be processed on the cloud rather than in a cumbersome headset, meaning that VR will finally feel as real as it should do.

Greater diversity

Cloud technology combined with 5G looks to make subscription-based streaming services the norm. Just as Netflix and Spotify have revolutionized how we consume television and music, so paying a regular fee for a virtual buffet of different games to choose from will change the way we play. When we can just buy one game with our money we tend to play it safe and choose something we know we’ll like. With the buffet model we can try new things with nothing to lose. That will inevitably lead to more diverse content and a richer gaming ecosystem.

Ultimately 5G and other technology will massively increase the number of gamers around the world. By removing the need to invest in bespoke hardware, 5G opens up premium-level gaming to anyone with a smartphone. That’s got to be a future worth embracing.

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